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  1. I used to submit my meter read online but the “Submit Meter Read” option is no longer appearing in My Account?

    SaskEnergy is in the process of transitioning to read natural gas meters remotely by installing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) across the province. Customers who have an AMI meter that is communicating natural gas consumption data for billing purposes will no longer have the option, or need, to enter a meter read in My Account. In addition, you will no longer receive a monthly email reminder to read the meter.

    Do you have multiple properties? Customers that have an account with multiple properties can no longer enter meter reads online through My Account. However, not all of your properties may have an AMI module yet. For properties that do not have an AMI device, you can still submit a meter read in the interim by phoning our customer service line at 1-800-567-8899 or online at saskenergy.com through the Contact Us page. Printable meter read card

  2. How do I know if my monthly meter reads are now being received by SaskEnergy through AMI Technology?

    When you log in to My Account, if the left hand navigation displays the option to Submit Meter Read, you can still submit monthly meter reads online. If the option to Submit Meter Read no longer displays, SaskEnergy is now receiving natural gas consumption through the AMI module and manual meter reading is not required.

  3. What information does SaskEnergy's My Account provide?

    For your convenience, SaskEnergy offers you access to your general SaskEnergy billing information online. This easy to use service allows you to:

    • Sign up for paperless billing
    • View your current bill and detailed billing information
    • View your payment summary
    • View a two year comparison of your billing history
    • Sign up for Equalized Payment Plan
    • Print a Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Registration Form
    • Submit your natural gas meter read
    • Set up multiple accounts to manage the bills for your home, business, farm and cottage

  4. Is there a fee for registering and using this service?

    There is no fee for using the service.

  5. Can anyone look at my account information?

    To view your account online you provide your personal billing information when you register. This ensures that only those that have access to your account information can view your bills online. Once you have registered, you will have a password and unique User ID that will allow you to access only your billing information. Please refer to Terms of Use for additional information.

  6. What information do I need to register for My Account?

    You will need to select a User ID and password, as well as enter your SaskEnergy account number and meter number. We suggest that you have a copy of a recent bill as well as your natural gas meter number handy to register.

    After you have registered and added your SaskEnergy account information, all you need to sign in is your personal User ID and password.

    My Account is designed so that multiple User IDs can access the same SaskEnergy account number, e.g., husband and wife. However, each person will have to go through the registration process.

  7. I don't have my natural gas meter number. Can you email me that information?

    In order to assist you in finding the information required for registration, please refer to this helpful link.

    For security reasons, we are unable to provide your meter number for any account via email. Please contact a Customer Service Representative at 1-800-567-8899 from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and we will be happy to assist you.

  8. I registered a month ago and now I cannot access my information. Why not?

    If you completed the initial registration (submit a User ID and email) but did not add a valid SaskEnergy account within four weeks, your User ID will be deleted from the system. Please re-register.

  9. I have multiple accounts with SaskEnergy. Do I need to register each account?

    You can register more than one account per User ID by going to Manage – Account Manager - Add Account. On this page, you can add accounts, remove accounts, set up the default account that will appear first, and rename accounts. Example – "home", "business", "cottage", or "farm".

  10. What if I forget my User ID or password?

    If you forgot your User ID you will have to re-register or contact SaskEnergy Customer Service at 1-800-567-8899. If you forgot your password, simply go to Forgot My Password. Enter your User ID and we will email you a link to reset your password.

  11. What if I no longer want to receive a paper bill?

    You can choose to receive an email when your SaskEnergy bill is ready to view. At the same time you can do your part for the environment and request that we no longer mail you a paper bill.

    The emails will be sent to your current email address. If you would like to change your email address use Manage - User Profile Page. Once you have signed up for this service, please ensure that your email information is kept up-to-date. If for any reason you do not receive your notification, please contact us.

    When you visit your online account, please visit the ‘Tip of the Month’ section for valuable information on products and services.

    You can sign up for this service or change your options at any time under Manage - Account Manager - Edit Account Options. If you have more than one account registered, please select the option you prefer for each account.

  12. Can I use a printed bill from My Account to make a payment at my bank?

    If you are no longer receiving paper bills, you can make your payment using the following methods:

    • Pre-Authorized Payment Plan
    • Your financial institution's telephone banking service
    • Your financial institution's online service

    Bills printed from My Account cannot be accepted at other utilities or financial institutions.

  13. Can I pay my bills online with SaskEnergy?

    SaskEnergy offers the convenient online option of paying your bill with VISA® or Mastercard®. A 1.5% non-refundable convenience fee will be added to the amount you are paying and is paid directly to our service provider, Moneris. This fee is applied to all credit card payments.

  14. Does my account information change when I move?

    If you apply for natural gas service at your new address, we will add your new premise to your SaskEnergy account. Your account number does not change.

    If you are moving, visit ExpressAddress, the convenient and simple way to connect, disconnect and transfer your services online with multiple organizations.

  15. Why can't I view my current bill online?

    To view your bills online, you will require Adobe Reader.

    If we are currently working on your account your online bill will be available for viewing once we ensure that it is correct.

  16. I signed up for the Equalized Payment Plan and yet it doesn't show on My Account.

    If you have recently applied for EPP through My Account, your application will be processed by a Customer Service Representative. Your account will not show an EPP summary until after your next billing. To be eligible for EPP accounts must be in good standing.

If you have any questions, please call toll free 1-800-567-8899
or submit your information online through Contact Us.

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