To register, please enter a User ID and a valid email address. A temporary password will be sent to your email address immediately, allowing you to sign in to My Account and register your SaskEnergy account(s).

The first time you sign in, you will be required to enter your SaskEnergy account number and your natural gas meter number in order to access your account. For more information on registration requirements, please refer to our Requirements section.

If you do not register an account number and a permanent password within four weeks upon receiving the temporary password, you will be required to re-register.

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How to Register for SaskEnergy’s My Account Online:

Select Register. Create and
enter your own User ID. Enter
your first and last name
and a valid email address.
Choose option for email
offers and promotions.
if your email address is not valid, we will be
unable to send you a temporary password
and you will have to re-register. Note: there
is a limit of one email address per User ID.
You will immediately receive
an email from My Account
with a temporary password
(expires in 4 weeks).
Contact SaskEnergy if you do not receive
your temporary password. Either your
email address was not valid or we were
unable to send to your email address.
Using the User ID you created
in step 1, and the password
you received in step 2, sign
into My Account. You will be
prompted to change your
If you do not complete the registration
within 4 weeks, you will have to re-register.

Once you change your password, the
temporary password can no longer be
Lastly, you will be prompted
to submit your SaskEnergy
account number and your
natural gas meter number to
complete your registration.
For security reasons, we require that you
enter your SaskEnergy account number
and the corresponding natural gas meter
You are now registered.
You will receive a confirmation letter in
the mail.

Multiple User IDs can register to access
the same SaskEnergy account
information. For example, a husband &
wife can both register for access to the
same account using different User IDs.

If you have any questions, please call toll free 1-800-567-8899
or submit your information online through Contact Us.

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