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Printable Meter Read Card


Dial Meter

  • Starting from the right, mark the exact position of the hands on the dials
  • If the hand is between two numbers, choose the lowest number for reading
  • if the hand is exactly on a number, look at the dial to the right. If the dial on the right
    has NOT passed zero, then record the lower number for the dial on the left.

Record the exact position of the hands on the dial:










Example: The reading below is 9314.



1 Million

100 Thousand

10 Thousand

1 Thousand


Depending on manufacturer, the direction of the numbers on the meter index may be reversed from the example below or there may be five dials.


Odometer Meter

  • Starting from the left, read each number as displayed on the odometer - just as you would on your car.

Record the numbers as they currently display:

Example: The reading below is 2831


If the natural gas meter on your property has not been upgraded as part of SaskEnergy's Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project, You can submit your meter read by phoning us at 1-800-567-8899 or online through the 'Contact Us' pages located on or within My Account.