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  1. Is your CAPS LOCK on?
    All passwords are case sensitive. Ensure you do not have CAPS LOCK on, and that you are entering your password with the correct case.
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    All temporary passwords are lowercase, exclude the numbers 0 and 1 and the small letter l (small L), and follow the letter number letter number letter number letter number sequence.
  3. Is your User ID correct?
    Ensure you are using your correct User ID. You may be using the right password, but the wrong User ID. If you have forgotten your User ID you can re-register using a new User ID and password.
  4. Is your password correct?
    Ensure you are using your correct password. You may be using the right User ID, but the wrong password. If you know your User ID but not your password, you can retrieve a forgotten password.
  5. Is your User ID locked out?
    Your User ID will be locked out if you had 7 invalid sign in attempts within 30 minutes. Your User ID will be temporarily locked out for 30 minutes. Try again about 30 minutes after your last sign in attempt.
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    For more information, please refer to our Requirements section.

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